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NonFiction Truth

NonFiction Truth

1. Reach 04:47
2. The Way 04:03
3. Saviour 08:09
4. Life 05:51
5. Track 5 01:19
6. Desire 04:10
7. Praise Song 03:39
8. Ben's Song 08:38
9. Missing You 03:23
10. Straight 05:18
11. Temptation 07:05
12. Closing Song 21:08
About album

Truth by NonFiction was released in 2006. This album captures some of the original bass player, Ben Sloetjes, in 4 different songs. The focal point of this album is the question of Truth. Is it relative or absolute?

Publisher: fhL Music | fhlmusic.com
Release Date: 06/09/2018
Label: fhL Music



I am nothing more,
Then all who lived before.
Like flowers in a field,
Grow up in a day,
Then they fade away,
Like whispers in the wind,
This life begins and just as quick it ends.
I’m frail and I am weak,
I lack the thing I seek.
To the Open Door,
Knee’s upon the floor,
Strength I pleading for,
Begging God for more.

Reach down your hand and comfort me,
I’m overcome by insecurities.
Please lift me up to higher ground,
And help me stand.
Almighty God I am so weak,
I wait on you, your strength I seek.
I want to run and never fall,
I take your hand.

You’re mighty, you’re powerful,
Who can teach you or can be your counsellor?
Yet you still gently carry me,
And lead me on.

All the mountains and the hills,
You weigh them on a scale.
Compared to you all nations are,
Just like a drop in a pail.
All the kingdoms of the earth,
Will fall and crumble into sand.
Who can be compared to you,
Before you, who can stand.

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Dave Robins & Steve Tempest
March 2002

The Way

The Way

You’re walking in the dark,
You can’t find your way.
Don’t look around, just look up,
Jesus is The Way.
You’ve tried everything and,
You’re still confused.
Don’t give up, just realize,
Jesus is The Way.

Jesus is The Way.
He is the only way to heaven,
If you want eternal life,
You’re gonna have to be forgiven.
He will lead you home.
Accept His great Salvation,
It’s easy, you’ll see.

Put away your map now,
It will not help.
Your GPS is useless,
Jesus is The Way.
Searching side to side,
Will drive you mad.
The answers vertical,
Jesus is The Way.

You might be sincere,
And sincerely wrong.
You have to stop and realize,
Jesus is The Way.
You can call me crazy,
A lunatic.
I’ll never stop believing,
Jesus is The Way.

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Dave Robins & Steve Tempest
January 2001



Blood like sweat,
And sweat like blood fell to the ground,
No sound, not a whisper.
He was forsaken,
By his own, alone,
If they had known would they have watched him die.
So silently, he bore the grief,
He took the agony,
All the while he suffered unjustly,
Why are men to blind,
That they cannot see a heart of purity.

On that sad day of loss,
A man died on the cross.
But now we see his death was not in vain.
Though he was crucified,
Of His own choice he died,
Because that is the reason why he came.
What he gives is what we all need,
He gives life so we can be freed.
From all the sin we’ve done,
The death that is to come,
But you have to take this life He gives to you.

Thorn crushed brow,
And nail pierced hands,
I’ll never understand.
The love that drove this man,
To give his life,
A substitute, a sacrifice.
To pay the price for this world’s vice.
And I can’t lie,
I don’t know why he chose this end, to die.
To bleed His life for us.
Dead to life, is our condition,
But He died to provide for us His Salvation.

Saviour Page 2

Christ, nailed upon the cross,
Cried out for the lost,
Praying, “God forgive them for what they had done.”
They killed Him unjustly,
Perfection on the tree.
Their motivation was their jealousy.
How could they not see,
Their Saviour on the tree.
How come we can’t see,
The one who died to make us free.

I understand the reason why,
He gave his life and why he died.
Because there was no other way that we could,
Live the life He had to die to give.
He bled and died for our sake,
So all we’d have to do is take the life He gives.

I decide to change my thinking.
I forsake the life I’m living.
I surrender myself to His ways declaring,
I claim Him as Creator.
I claim Him as my Saviour.
I claim the name of Jesus Christ.

How can you miss,
The sole purpose.
Of His life and of the death He died.
Open you eyes and you’ll,
Realize that He,
Died to save you from this life.
He rose from the dead and,
He’s alive today.
With patience He waits to,
Hear the words from you,
Asking forgiveness and the life He offers to you.

He waits to hear you asking for the Truth.

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Dave Robins & Steve Tempest
November 2004



I make my plans indefinitely,
I attempt to avoid the reality,
That if all my life is what my eyes can see,
Then all my actions are void of importancy.

What if this life that I call mine,
Is just a blink in time and there is nothing more.
It leaves me so empty and torn up completely,
Hopelessly wondering, what’s there to live for.
What if my existence is purely based on chance,
And there is no reason, why I am alive.
Then what’s the sense of trying when I know that I’m dying?
Why shouldn’t I just give up, why shed another tear?

I’m staring blankly at the stars above me,
They extend from here to infinity.
I’m such a tiny speck in this universe,
It makes me question, my sense of purpose.

God I know you must be there.
This hopeless life I cannot bear.
I need life, the life you give.
So God I pray, please help me live.

What if my whole concept of living,
Is an excuse for freeing, my mind from what is true.
I’m treading circumspectly, disregarding quite completely,
The voice inside that’s screaming… just what I need to do.

What if this life that I call mine,
Reaches beyond time, and there is so much more.
It causes me to step back and reflect upon this life that,
Seems so void of purpose, without something to live for.
What if my existence isn’t based on chance,
And there is a reason why I am alive.
It causes me to chance perspective,
Altering the way that I live,
Forcing me to look for answers,
For life has no guarantees.

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Dave Robins & Steve Tempest
July 2004

Track 5

Track 5

I’m in a bind,
Beset before and behind.
Aimlessly running blind,
This issue’s heavy on my mind.

If everything’s relative,
Where’s motivation to live.
I need something absolute,
What I search for is the truth.

I cried,
Out to God.
Open my eyes,
Help me find truth.
I can no longer run.
He showed me one,
Who is truth,
It is His Son.

Now I know that,
There is a way,
There is real life,
There is pure truth,
And that truth is absolute,
(That truth is absolute)
Its found in Jesus Christ.

Words & Music By: Steve Tempest
January 2005



There’s only one life to live,
And I’m fighting to give.
All my heart and my mind,
To the one who’s behind.
Every breath I take,
And every beat my heart makes.
But I’ve crossed the line,
One too many times.
I’m ashamed at the waste,
I regret I’m double faced.
I need the drive,
I want my life to thrive.
I want to live like I’m alive.

My desire is a fire,
A fire of desire.
Because I long to aspire,
For passion to live higher.
Because I’m sick and tired,
Of living in this mire.
God I need to acquire,
A passion and desire.
The desire to change,
I need the strength to rearrange my ways,
To estrange my crooked steps each day,
And passion to devote myself to you.

This thing I have found one time and again,
When I am broken, that is just the thing,
God desire’s, He’ll mend me and then,
Give me strength to fly on high with eagles wings.

Although I know,
How I need to live.
I feel my ideals,
Aren’t met, ‘cause I neglect,
To get to know my God the way I should.
All His ways are good.
A life worthwhile to Him,
Will start when my desire begins.

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Steve Tempest & Dave Robins
July 2003

Praise Song

Praise Song

It shouldn’t be a surprise,
That I can’t compromise.
My desire to sing,
To my Lord and my King.
I will life up my voice,
As I sing and rejoice,
Daily praising your name.

Father I praise you,
I sing from my heart to you.
What else can I do,
But raise my voice to bless you.

As long as you give me life.
As long as you give me breath.
As long as I have a voice,
I will praise you by choice.
Though I’m not a strong singer,
My songs still a sweet savour,
Rising from my heart to you.

I am thankful for your grace because I see,
I am useless, only you can set me free.
You picked me up from the pit and fixed my gaze.
I will offer up a sacrifice of praise.

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Ben Sloetjes, Steve Tempest & Dave Robins
October 2002

Missing You

Missing You

And I wish,
I hadn’t missed.
The chance to be next to you.
The chance to say how much I love you.
And I get this regret,
When I see there won’t be,
A chance to rewind,
And to find this lost time.

When I close my eyes I see you,
Standing right by my side.
I feel you here, next to me.
Even though your gone,
These thoughts of you will always live on,
And in my heart you’ll always be.

In this puzzle that is my life,
You were such a vital piece,
And I feel undone without you.
I struggle adjusting to chance,
Because my life has been rearranged,
Without you, and I miss you.

Every second feels so long,
Because I know that you are gone,

When I close my eyes I see you,
Standing right by my side.
I feel you here, next to me.
Even though your gone,
These thoughts of you will always live on,
And in my heart you always be.

Though death has separated you and I,
I will not question God I won’t ask why,
He took you from me.
Because one day we’ll be,
Together in heaven.

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Dave Robins
November 2004



Straight, is how I want to tread.
My gaze is on you, I won’t be misled.
Shame has overtaken me,
Because my heart is weak, I’ve stumbled, I can’t see.

I won’t walk or stand like those around me,
Lest I roam.
I won’t sit, my heads up, eyes straight on you,
Lead my home.

Take my hand and turn my head.
Help me regain my focus so I’m lead.
In the way you’ll have me go.
My directions your will, help my strength to grow.

Take my life,
Break my will.
Empty lives,
You can fill.

Help me see from the eyes,
Of a man who died that all might have life free.
Straight, His path, He never turned.
Just like Him Father, please help me to be.

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Dave Robins, Steve Tempest & Ben Sloetjes
January 2001



My own worst enemy,
It tries to destroy me, I’m weak.
I grips me from within,
I leads me into sin, free me.
I must use all my might,
In this constant fight to win.
Though I give my all,
I never cease to fall, help me.

I will not stay,
I will not go.
I do not know what I’ll do,
Is that a problem with you.
I start to win,
I fall again,
Every time I get knocked down,
I find it harder to rebound.
I don’t know why,
I even try,
‘Cause every time I do I fail,
And I come to you pleading bail.
I’m giving up,
I’m giving in,
Now I see where I went wrong,
Is what your Word said all along.

Temptation takes control,
I’m weakened by its might grip.
I get so distracted,
I lose my focus and I trip.
God you promise that,
You’ll give me strength to get through this.
I pray, “Please cleanse my heart,
God please help me to resist.”

Words: Steve Tempest
Music: Steve Tempest & Dave Robins
June 2001

Closing Song

Closing Song

I cannot believe its over.
My tears are falling to the floor.
It seems to me we’ve only started.
But now I’m walking out the door.

I can’t believe,
I leaving, yeah.
This is my favourite place to be.
I wish I could,
Forever more,
Stay right here and it would be just you and me.

I cannot believe its over,
My heart is crying out for more.
If only this could last forever,
But now I’m walking out the door.

Words & Music: Steve Tempest
January 2001