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fhL is a Rock Band Music Project. Enjoy the music. Consider the message, faith, hope & Love.

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A Musical Love Story

A Musical Love Story

1. Be My Girl 03:48
2. You Are My Sunshine 04:05
3. Marry Me 03:32
4. Beautiful 04:02
5. My Vow 02:59
6. I Love You So Much 02:08
About album

Every stage of my relationship with my wife began with a song. This album is the collection of those songs.

Be My Girl: when I asked her to be my “girlfriend”.

You Are My Sunshine: when I told her I loved her for the first time.

Marry Me: you guessed it, I popped the question.

Beautiful: the song that her and her bridesmaids walked up the aisle to.

My Vow: my vows sung live during the ceremony.

I Love You So Much: our staged dance song (check our the YouTube video.)

Artist: fhL Music
Release Date: 25/09/2013